6 Ways to overcome jealousy and envy

Jealousy and envy are harmful diseases. They destroy relationships and our well-being, they lead to bitterness, anger and resentment and they often prevent us from enjoying the present moment.

What we don’t realize is, there’s more than enough for all us to succeed. You can succeed without bringing other people down, or wishing that they don’t make it.

Here are a few tips to help you break free from jealousy and envy

#1. Write a list of all the things you’re grateful for

You’re not on this earth by mistake. You have talents and gifts inside you that you ought to be grateful for. You have people in your life who support you and lift you up when you’re down. Most importantly, take a trip down memory lane and see how far you’ve come from where you used to be to where you are now. If that alone doesn’t encourage you to count your blessings, nothing else will.

#2. Celebrate other people’s success

If a friend, partner, colleague or someone you know achieves something great, be happy for them. It does not take away from what you’re working towards. ⁣Celebrating other people can also be a form of inspiration to propel you to keep going. It’s not a competition, we are all just trying to get somewhere and our journeys and times are all different.

#3. Stop with the jealous talk

Very often when we feel jealous we tend to say negative things about the subject, things like “she only got the role because she’s light-skinned” or “I would’ve done it better if the opportunity was given to me.” When you hear yourself making petty arguments like this, acknowledge that it might be jealousy or envy and then remind yourself why it’s not healthy to engage in such.

#4. Compliments are free

It doesn’t cost a cent to tell your colleague how stunning her new shoes look, or how you notice your friend losing a few kilos since she started going to gym. And no, I’m not saying lie. Compliments must be genuine, otherwise don’t bother.

“How does this help?” I hear you asking? Everyone loves a little boost every now and then and compliments are great way to make people feel good. When they feel good, they start noticing other good things around them, and this could include you. Remember, what goes around comes back around, so when you compliment others, you’re more than likely to get one in return.

#5. Stop comparing yourself to others

There will ALWAYS be someone more qualified, more educated, more financially secure, more everything. However, no one in the world has it all together. No one has a perfect life. Instead, you’ll find that the person you spend your time analyzing also weaknesses, insecurities or problems that you are unaware of.

Remember “comparison is the thief of joy”

#6. Let it go

Honestly, jealousy takes up energy and drains you emotionally. It doesn’t add any positive thing to your life, so just LET. IT. GO! Focus on your own success, there really is enough for all us to succeed.

“Envy is the art of counting the other fellow’s blessings instead of your own.”

Harold Coffin

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