4 Simple ways to find your purpose

Have you ever asked yourself the question: What is my purpose in life? Why was I born? Am I living a life of fulfilment? Is this the life I want to live forever? Are there any adjustments I can make to be truly happy?

Research shows that only about 25% of people across the globe either know their purpose in life or are living a life of fulfilment. If you’re one of the 25% then good for you. However, if you’re on the majority side, I have something that will help you. In this video I share 4 very simple and practical ways to help you find your purpose. 

Watch till the end, I have a surprise for you!


  1. Mata Dlamini

    Wow that was great Tracey, I enjoyed listening to you and it made think deeper on what is my purpose in life exactly but listening made realise that I really love giving helping those who can’t help themselves and it took me back when I was growing up I always wanted to a social worker by profession, though it didn’t happen because it was within me I live it, Another thing I realized is that my purpose is to keep people smiling around me, people forget about their problems when I’m around so I bring a sense of hope and that everything will be OK as long as we will God is in control. Today you made me realize who I really am. Thank you Tracey, keep the good work, this is a rebuild session with you 👌👏

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